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Women screened for common cancers in the capital city Delhi and NCR

From January to December 2018, the Aaroogya team conducted door to door research, pathological diagnoses, health checkups and counseling, advanced diagnoses and triaging, and patient mobilization for necessary treatments in India’s capital city of Delhi and NCR.

After Aaroogya’s research team collected data on the general health status, lifestyle, topography, and demography of the area, the team compiled a base of targeted health-related intervention prospects to steer patient consultations, check-ups, and screening strategies. Health camps were erected to facilitate health care counseling and the collection and analysis of pathological blood, tissue and excretory tests. Patients who tested positive for cancerous growth or other diseases were subsequently examined further by doctors to determine a proper plan of recovery and treatment. Patients were then presented options for treatment to assure the most cost-effective and efficient avenue to recovery, and finally taken to a partner hospital to assure their full and proper treatment. 5,000 women were screened for breast cancer, and along with 2,000 children, were evaluated for malnutrition, tuberculosis, and hypertension.

Additionally, 15,000 ambassadors were trained in early cancer detection and early diagnosis to be able to spread awareness about these issues to their constituent communities, and were given eco-friendly, bacteria-free, reusable sanitary napkins. 24 research fellows were also trained in the Delhi campaigns to become global health leaders.

Aaroogya’s work in Delhi and NCR reflected three of our primary desired outcomes: Awareness, Accessibility, and Affordability. 7,000 women and children were screened for life-threatening diseases, given access to treatment centers, and counseled to assure that the most cost-effective treatments would be employed to assure a complete recovery, while 15,000 future health care leaders were educated on the pertinent health care issues of their region.

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