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Our Partners

Silicon Valley Global Health is proud to partner with organizations that promote global health.

New Aaroogya International logo.jpeg

Established in 2017, Aaroogya International is a non-profit that focuses on early detection of common cancers like breast, cervical, and oral cancers in women in poor and educationally backward areas across developing nations. Currently, Aaroogya is operating in India and Uganda. Aaroogya International empowers frontline health workers like Asha/ANM in India and mid-level healthcare workers in Africa to screen women for cancer.

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H.E.R.I Kenya's mission is to provide a supportive environment for scientists and community members to work together in creating a healthy environment and healthy communities through education, research, outreach, activism, and advocacy for policy change.

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Founded in 2008, TIP Global Health's mission is to achieve lasting improvements in health outcomes in resource-limited settings.

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